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@codegram Thanks to all you guys for organizing such a great conference as the @baruco. I will for sure repeat next year!
an amazing conference! thanks to @baruco and @codegram for putting together one of the best conferences i’ve been attending so far #baruco
Congratulations to @codegram - guys, fantastic conference, I enjoyed every single moment. Thanks a lot! #Baruco
I had a fantastic time at @baruco this weekend. Congrats to @codegram for organizing such a great event. #baruco
@codegram hey guys, feel like trying out Travis Pro? also, we <3<3<3 you! ;)
Descubriendo más empresas orgullosas de hacer las cosas bien http://t.co/MlQGlxdf #olé #madeinspain
Brilliant web dev team, my personal fav. Meet codegram : http://t.co/iiP3YCkb
Me entero ahora de http://t.co/P5MtgV0d, el sarao que han montado @oriolgual, @josepjaume y el equipo de @codegram. Genial iniciativa.
I just ran @codegram's #pelusa on some of my recent code and it's just awesome (#pelusa, not the code). Super useful! https://t.co/z0icBwL4
Genial el workshop que han impartido los chicos de @codegram sobre Spinach :)
Estos de @codegram se salen: "Introducción a BDD en Rails con Spinach" , gracias http://t.co/MNCt3gAj #freeasbeer
Fantástico workshop: Programando a toda leche con Vim. Felicidades!! @txustice @codegram
Just finished @codegram VIM Workshop. I think that my VIM skills will improve thanks to it. Quite a nice workshop!
En la última hora de la charla "Programando a toda leche con VI" de Codegram http://t.co/aDlLUjIr #virulez #txusmola
Validate dates in #Rails :https://t.co/XvL74HjP ― Thank you sir @oriolgual for this awesome gem
Molt gran i molt útil el taller de Vim que ens ha fet en @txustice de @codegram!!! #vim #workshop
Genial charla de @Codegram sobre vim. Facil, sencillo y para toda la familia(ademas de muy util) sublime de verdad!! #truestory #geek
Really excitied to try out Pelusa, a Ruby linting tool from @codegram. Awesome idea.
Just used pelusa gem for the first time - this is AWESOME - thank you so much @codegram team :)
Barcelona Ruby Conference 2012 will take place September 8-9: http://t.co/iQP8LHrz
Oh man… the guys at @codegram are once again so awesome http://t.co/tvTT7ibZ
I'm going to do absolutely everything in my power to make it to @baruco2012
As a 1st time conference organizer (@rubylug 2011), I am impressed by @baruco2012 I bet they will attract a shitload of sponsors!
Checking out @baruco2012 line-up. This is going to rock!
out to @codegram Hack Friday (Xmas Special) http://t.co/p2UKxDl4
Here's some venue love: the conference will be held in a science museum. HOW COOL IS THAT!?
The blog http://t.co/2vZb9ALW (in German) mentioned http://t.co/6jGHEBvL a few days ago. Sweet.
Just filled the Barcelona Ruby Conference survey! You can also help make a better conference http://t.co/QAKKHNLK via @baruco2012
Spinach looks yummy. Totally make you code like Popeye. http://t.co/w9ZDCvd7 Props to @codegram
Wanted to degrade html5 tags to render correctly in IE, @codegram blog to the rescue: http://t.co/JTPQtjUO
@codegram Congrats for having spinach a featured repo on GitHub!
@codegram congrats for making it to the Changelog!
A must-go event for all Rubists taking place in Barcelona : @baruco2012 | It looks awesomely good ! » http://t.co/wALxSr55 #ruby #conf
@codegram spinach in ruby5! “Ruby5 Episode #217: Prepared Statements, Transmuter, Watchtower, Not Rails, Spinach(…)http://t.co/zuBYB4ga
thanks to @ltw_ i just had a look at spinach and it seems to get all the "scary" part of cucumber out ! Have a look http://t.co/g23yX3oT
Interesting new testing tool Spinach built on Gherkin. Less regexps magic and more Ruby than Cucumber. http://t.co/p3CQpPTs
What @codegram guys are doing when there is no where to sit in club? They find table with girls only and take all free places :) #rupy
Thanks for the great tee @codegram! This challenge is really productive idea!
Folks from @codegram are the happiest bunch of coders here I think ;))) awesome
@codegram @rupy thanks for the t-shirt! you made my day!
Enhorabona als companys de @codegram per la xarxa simulada d'empreses @empresaula
Programming! Motherf*cker http://t.co/p5RaMD6 with a t-shirt by @codegram to wear on a daily basis;) http://t.co/p5RaMD6 cc @txustice
It's amazing how much open source work the guys from @codegram seem to be doing lately. Thanks guys, I <3 rack-webconsole. :)
@codegram hey rack-webconsole is a fun little gem, thanks! Feels like playing Quake back in a days :)
Want a good source for Ruby news/info/updates? I've been reading the @codegram feed bundle, and it's fantastic. http://t.co/Tu5880F
.@codegram (#Rails hackers from Spain) has just become our next sponsor ! Thanks Check their website: http://t.co/aEogYcm
@codegram sleek and awesome, even better than the previous one and the preview I saw! Good work!
Avui @codegram ens fa formació sobre agile development. ;) http://yfrog.com/elyqldj

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