• Rush

    A working application prototype in 48-hours. Show your investors something they'll love.

    If you are working on a new start-up project, looking for investors or just wanting to get quick user feedback to explore the market without putting too much of your budget at risk, Rush is for you. We build a working prototype of your project in just 48 hours, with a previous meeting (either remote or on-site) to identify the main requirements, prioritize features and work on the design mock-ups.

  • Kickstart

    From your start-up idea to a full-fledged, modern, scalable web application.

    We bring your idea to life. We work with you in the early planning stages, find the best architecture and technology stack that suits your application's needs, then design and build your entire product from scratch. We want you to succeed — once it's live, we help you hire the right developers and train them on the application with our best experience.

  • Code review

    Keep your app healthy — we'll find its weak spots and help you improve it.

    You already have a live app in the wild but you're starting to feel the pain of growth — expensive maintainability costs, or maybe architectural decisions that cut your project into a corner. We put our minds at work to find your app's weak spots and architectural flaws. Elaborating on them in a comprehensive manner, we transfer our expertise to your team by discussing with them directly, providing examples and suggesting changes.