Josep Jaume Rey

Founder, Lead Developer & UX Ninja

Specialized in Rails and Ruby, he engineers and improves any application's architecture until there are no more design patterns left to apply. He is also a ninja front-end developer — using JavaScript, CoffeeScript and CSS3 transitions, he keeps our interfaces as smooth as our backend code.


Oriol Gual

Founder, Lead Developer & Refactor Chief

Specialized in Rails and Ruby, he would even refactor software made by Chuck Norris — as long as it has a shiny green test suite. Very strict in code reviews, he double-checks our code quality every chance he gets. Moreover, he keeps the company's internal organization as solid as our software.


Josep M. Bach (Txus)

Founder, Lead Developer & Software Evangelist

Rails and Ruby specialist, he is also a Vim and BDD evangelist, and won't let you deploy until everything is leaf-green. He's very active in the Ruby open source community — when he's not coding virtual machines or building a new programming language, you'll find him releasing some new Ruby library on Github.


Marc Riera


The youngest member of the team. Currently studying Computer Science at UAB, he's a very active and commited person. He's been coding and learning at light-speed since he became part of Codegram in 2010. At nights, he becomes a secret game developer.


Marc Divins


After some years organizing illegal robot fights in different factories, wanted to leave his past behind jumping to the Ruby and Rails world. He's starting to love APIs and refactoring as much as he loves zombie movies and hamburguers.


Marc Lorenzo

Marketing Hero

He wanted to be a cute ballet dancer when he grew up, but found himself trapped in the body of a wrestler. After years, he discovered the marketing and advertising world and, in 2011, he become a member of our team. A passionate of on-line marketing and retro design, he can typically be found practicing sport.


Genís Matutes

Developer & Sandwiches

Once known as "The boy who never saw Dragon Ball", he is now a telecoms engineer, bassist, gamer, geek & writer. He is the latest developer to join the team along with his obsession for perfectionism. He has a dark past related to sandwich refactoring and an addiction for energy drinks, but that's just hearsay.