Date Validator

Our most popular gem! Date validator is a simple date validator for Rails 3, using ActiveModel conventions, so it depends only on ActiveModel, rather than ActiveRecord. It integrates flawlessly with other validators and has nice support for I18n.


Spinach is a high-level BDD framework that leverages the expressive Gherkin language (used by Cucumber) to help you define executable specifications of your application or library's acceptance criteria.

Conceived as an alternative to Cucumber, focuses on step reusability and mantainability. Client

A rather minimal client for Ruby. Provides access to all features in the API, except the ones requiring authentication. You only have to request an API key on the site.

Acts as Decimal

A simple gem for Rails 3 to make an attribute behave like it is a floating point, being transparently stored as an integer in the database. Useful to handle prices, currency values and other sensitive decimal data, where float precision is critical.


A simple gem for Rails 3 to render some ActiveRecord text field as Markdown. It mixes CodeRay and RDiscount to give you awesome code highlighting. It even has a nice documentation page generated in Rocco! Check it out on the github repo :)


Rack-webconsole is a Rack-based interactive console (à la Rails console) in your web application's frontend. That means you can interact with your application's backend from within the browser itself!

Simple Currency

A really simple currency converter using XavierMedia API. Easily use Ruby numerics as currency-powered objects! It integrates smoothly with your Rails 3 application and uses cache to minimize remote lookup overhead.

Button Form

Styling forms is always a pain in the ass, but an element that's specially hard to work with is the submit button.

The simple and yet incredibly useful purpose of button_form is to render <button /> elements instead of <input type="submit" /> in your Rails forms.


Colorant extracts the color frequency of a picture and reports it back to you to manipulate the raw data along with the color names. It uses ImageMagick to analyze the image files. It also comes with a nifty command line utility!


RSpec for lolcats! Practice your BDD skills in the lolcat language. Thoughtfully developed for the joy of those who love RSpec's fluent and expressive syntax, Cheezburger also enables cats to write specs in their own language, so that they can help you in your daily work.


You thought 90's were over? Then why are you still using your terminal as if you still had that old 2-color 14-inch 40-kg display? Colorblind is a nifty Rails 3 gem that extends your ActiveSupport logger with trendy colorschemes from the 90's.


As we were playing with datamapper we noticed the lack of support of one of our main tools: Machinist. So we wrote this.

Kudos to machinist for this great tool!