Barcelona Ruby Conference

BaRuCo (Barcelona Ruby Conference) is a two-days conference about Ruby, a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity.

What we did

We organized the whole conference (got in touch with the speakers, venue, accomodations) as well as designing and coding the website.

An awesome Ruby conference in Barcelona starring great names like Zed Shaw, Scott Chacon or Tammer Saleh


Aulabora is an educational job board system focused on schools offering vocational training courses.

What we did

After a first successful prototype, we redesigned it and built a fast, responsive Backbone application. Soon to be publicly available.

Next generation job board for vocational training courses


Empresaula is a social network of simulated businesses meant for students and teachers of Business Management.

What we did

We designed the whole product: We collected the specifications from several experts of the area, and we coded and designed it.

Empresaula really makes the difference on the way I teach. I can now concentrate on the subject instead of the tools I use.
INS Terrassa


Developed in just 48 hours for the Rails Rumble 2010 contest. Jamibia is a social network for musicians. Particularly, jam session musicians! Through this site, users can organize, attend, and review jam sessions.

What we did

We used Rails 3 and a full BDD process. We teamed with @holamon as a designer to develop this great site in less than 48 hours. Although we didn't win the first prize eventually, we had great fun and a high quality codebase we plan to open source soon :)