​Codegram is also a dog friendly company!

Black And Boira, A Beagle And A Dachshund, Are Our Office Co-Workers!

Ah, dogs! Those lovable smooth packages, following you everywhere, those best friends with unwavering loyalty... Dogs deeply care about their human owners and maybe that's why we love them back. For this reason, it's so hard to leave them on their own, letting them thinking that we've abandoned them, eyes widen, whimpering, alone forever.

sad dog

Pets are being more and more welcomed into workplaces of various companies, and that's not only because it helps the owners in logistics and organizing better their day, but also because, according to several research studies, bringing dogs at work has multiple benefits for employees.

First of all, the owners of the dogs have significant lower stress levels during their workday, and even for all other employees, the presence of the animals has a positive impact on their productivity.

Moreover, at Codegram we have a flexible timetable and working hours, with on-site amenities. It means we can take a break from work, whenever we want, to walk the dogs for a while, let them do their essential needs and come back to the office.

Bringing dogs at the office can be seen as a win-win solution, but, as any pet owner will note, the animals can create a few drawbacks.

With a pet, or multiple ones, in the office, tougher topics can be an inconvenient: allergies, fears, noises and disobedience issues. We also have to battle some of those issues in our office, specially the barking problem (poor postman!).

Boira and Black are part of Codegram's team, now. I honestly have to admit that they took their time to adapt to each other and to get the ideal behavior (they're still learning to improve it), but they certainly are now happier than staying at home alone all day long. Here they are!

office dogs

I'll leave you with a co-worker's testimonial:

"Before I started to work at Codegram, I didn't really like dogs, I found them noisy and annoying. But being next to Boira and Black every day has changed my perception and I now know that a well behaved dog can be a great companion! (I still prefer cats though)." Núria Soriano

Is your office pet-friendly? Does your office let you bring your pup to work? I truly recommend it! :)