Date validation with Rails 3

Date validations for Rails

Written in Development by Oriol Gual — February 10, 2011

Effortless date validation for your Rails 3 application, ActiveModel style

Since the first Rails 3 versions came out, we've been playing and using it with new projects. In one of these projectes we needed to validate that a date was before or after, so looking at rails guides and someposts we coded our first Rails 3 validator.

Introducing date_validator

As you can read in the Github repo description, this is a very simple date validator. To install it:

gem sources -a # If you haven't done it before
gem install date_validator

Or to make it work with Bundler, in your Gemfile:

gem 'date_validator'

Its only dependency is ActiveModel, so you can use it either in Rails 3 models or in any custom class (after requiring ActiveModel), in a really easy manner:

validates :expiration_date,
  :date => { :after =>, :before => + 1.year }

For now these are the available options you can use:


Pretty much self-explanatory!

Don't forget the tests: remarkable_date_validator

And last but not least, if you use Remarkable (specifically the Rails 3 fork) also install the gem with remarkable matchers:

gem install remarkable_date_validator

And in your model specs:

should_validate_date_of :expiration_date,
  :date => {:after =>, :before => + 1.year}

Anyone fancies forking the project and adding some shoulda matchers?

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