Lunch Talks #4: A couple words about product

Welcome everyone to the fourth week of Codegram's Lunch Talks! This week videos have been about metrics and roadmap topics.

The idea behind that is how we usually think about metrics and roadmaps: just numbers/promises we try to improve "at all cost" without giving them a second thought.

These talks try to give a deeper value to metrics assigning them some consequences and trying to separate the gathering from a pure automatic process.

"Driving growth vs building core value" - Roan Lavery')

This is a more general/common approach to engagement and metrics. It's meant as an introduction to people who haven't been around such topics. Roan tries to give some practical examples focusing on the business core value and relating them to customers interests.

"Quantifying qualitative research" - Leisa Reichelt')

Head of research and insights at Atlassian, Leisa shows how to take an evidence-based approach to do completely the wrong thing. She explains how misleading  automatic data gathering can be, and shows how our favourite metric systems can fool us.

"Human centred products" - Kim Goodwin')

Current amount of data gathered by devices and internet services are not only used as biased info to nurture AI systems, but also by teams to improve their services without acknowledging the consequences and benefits to their users. In this talk Kim explores some concepts used in other fields to bring light to the ethics that should involve data gathering.

"Roadmaps are dead! Long live roadmaps!" - C. Todd Lombardo')

This talk is not around metrics, is about roadmaps. Most of us have had some bad experiences around them but, are roadmaps a bad thing? On this talk Todd show us that maybe we have a misunderstanding about what those are.

While preparing this week videos I found a video that can extend one we saw about digital bias ("Avoiding digital bias" by Adam L. Smith). The talk is "Product Design in the Era of the Algorithm" by Josh Clark. I haven't added this one to lunch talks because the topic is similar but I think it's a good addition about general product bias.

Hope you find these videos useful to be more conscious about the relevance of thinking about metrics beyond simple numbers. At the end, this can both level up your business ethics and revenue!

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