Lunch talks #8: Machine Learning

At the 8th lunch talks week, we are going to watch some talks about machine learning. My interest in Machine Learning is not much in how to build code using it but in seeing in what fields it can be used and taking ideas to develop super interesting features. The videos of the week have been selected so that they serve as an introduction and also to see the possibilities offered by Machine Learning. Maybe seeing some awesome applications that use Machine Learning will inspire us to get some cool ideas.

"TF Machine Learning for Programmers (TensorFlow @ O’Reilly AI Conference, San Francisco '18) (42 min)"

In this talk, Laurence Moroney from Google talks about Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning and more, and how they fit the programmer's toolkit. He introduces what it's all about, cutting through the hype, to show the opportunities that are available in Machine Learning. He also introduces TensorFlow, and how it's a framework that's designed to make Machine Learning easy and accessible, and how intelligent apps that use ML can run in a variety of places including mobile, web and IoT.

"Machine Learning in JavaScript (TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018) (22min)"

Nikhil Thorat and Daniel Smilkov discuss TensorFlow.js, which is TensorFlow’s new machine learning framework for JavaScript developers. It supports building ML models in JavaScript, and training and deploying them in browser for execution using WebGL. They focus on tensorflow.js-Core which is a rebranding of deeplearn.js, and a new high-level layers API to make it easier to develop ML models in JavaScript. Initial set of converters for converting saved TF models into JS is also being released.

"Advances in machine learning and TensofFlow (Google I/O '18)" (42min)

Artificial intelligence affects more than just computer science. Join this session to hear a collection of short presentations from top machine learning researchers: the TensorFlow engineers working on robotics, and the Magenta team exploring the border between machine learning and art.

"Cassie Kozyrkov (Google) on Decision intelligence (ML++) | TNW Conference 2018"

What is machine learning? What is AI? It turns out that these words have multiple meanings... and when businesses don’t know the differences, they run into a world of problems. We’ll go back to basics and strip away the jargon to see what’s really behind the magician’s stand in simple analogies. Let’s take a look at what’s easy, what’s hard, how to spot opportunities, and what you need to know to avoid the two biggest threats in AI. Along the way, we’ll meet an emerging discipline that focuses on using machine learning and AI to improve your business: decision intelligence engineering!

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