Boost performance while optimising content and structure.

When Venair first approached us, their company was growing very fast, but their website was lacking in performance. It was very slow, clunky, and some things were not working correctly. As they were serving clients from all over the world, they expressed the need for multi-language support, a flexible system for content management, and a complete re-design of the entire website.

Before diving headfirst into this project, we made sure that we had a thorough understanding of this sector of manufacturing so that we could provide the best possible solution.

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Terrassa, Spain
  • UX&UI Design
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Faster performance improving user experience for both staff and visitors.

Venair has more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of silicone products.

As industry experts, they continue to research and develop new materials for their clients, and support manufacturers and engineers with custom silicone hoses in over 65 countries. Their efforts in innovation have led them to 5 active patents, 70 trademarks and exclusive silicone formulations!

With an emphasis on the need for a much faster website, we knew we had to approach the design with a cleaner and more intuitive way that would give a better user experience. This design would focus on readability for when potential clients, customers or visitors are navigating through the different elements of the website.

We decided to build out the tech stack with Jamstack and Nuxt.js, offering the ability to leverage the advantages of a static website, which generally offers better performance.

Additionally, structuring a website with Jamstack also ensures better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), allowing for the content on Venair to be more easily accessible on the web and in search engines.

To avoid calls to the API on the client-side, we used Nuxt Payload Extractor and Prismic as the headless CMS. This is because of their cost-effectiveness and the familiarity it provides to other systems like WordPress, a tool Venair was already using.

Optimized architecture and content

We delivered a blazingly fast, beautifully designed website that allows for easy content management by anyone at the Venair team. The Jamstack architecture provides a cost-effective way for Venair to manage their website since there is no need to manage or maintain a database, server or plug-in updates!

Improving performance and removing barriers

A combination of a cleaner and more intuitive interface with the advantange of a powerful static website.