Our Expertise

Having worked for a wide range of industries, we choose to collaborate with people who value quality and share our vision.

Due to non-disclosure agreements we don’t list some of our clients.


From commercial to investment banking, we offer the latest technology to digitise your financial services.

1 Company

Civil and Social

Through both creativity and technology governance, we partner with organisations to build impactful solutions for the social sector.

2 Companies


Turning ideas into inspiring realities, we build personalised gaming experiences that disrupt the industry.

Kerad Games


From training to data recovery, we design, develop and market innovative, custom and full-cycle software solutions.

Microsoft GitHub Asana Redbooth


From mobile banking to cryptocurrency, we invigorate financial services with innovative first-class solutions to create next-generation financial platforms.

Funding Circle Pagantis

Public Administration

Through local expertise and high-end digital solutions, we help official entities improve their relationship with local citizens.

European Comission Barcelona City Council Terrassa City Council


With customer experience at the core, we take the global restaurant and hospitality sector to the next level.

Snow Travel

IT and Services

Both on-site and remotely, we employ streamlined solutions to build reliable IT infrastructures and maintain seamless operations.


Human Resources

Up-scale, design and built platforms and services for talent managers who make up the workforce of a company.



With a focus on business, we make specialised expertise more accessible through digital solutions that drive knowledge and orchestrate growth.

IM3 Engineering


Through high-performing solutions, we give manufacturers and industrial companies a successful digital presence.



We bring non-profit ideas to life by helping NGOs develop humane digital products that drive change.



From professional tournament broadcasts to live betting apps, we create and build immersive technology that optimises user experience.

Davis Cup



Some of the companies that at some point helped make the FullStack Fest possible.