What we do

Much more than just software

Be it an already growing product suffering the pains of growth or a newly founded startup in need of a swift time to market, we can help you. And we will train your team along the way, too!

Bootstrap your idea

If you can envision it, we can build it: over the years we’ve worked with virtually any kind of web app - online stores, online game back-ends, large-scale Facebook apps and even self-learning ranking engines.

Take the finished product to market sooner: by understanding and accommodating changing requirements in response to the market, we make sure your product sees the light of day as early as we possibly can.

Train your team

Let us level up your team: coding is not our only passion -- teaching and learning are the same thing. From junior to more experienced developers, everyone in your team will benefit from our techniques and best practices, learned the hard way through our experience. We act as your interim CTO, evaluating choices on architecture and technology stack that will best take your product to the next level.

Get your project in shape

Scale alongside your success: we can help you drive the architectural changes needed for your project to reach scale demands by choosing the best strategies and tools: cloud providers like Amazon or Heroku, or the right storage choices like PostgreSQL, Redis or ElasticSearch.


Lean development

Following the lean philosophy, we start with your core business feature and develop in small iterations to drastically reduce your time to market. Get feedback from your users as soon as possible to respond to their demands quicker than your competition.

Metrics first

Data is the bread and butter of any successful business: we put in place KPI and development metrics monitoring from day one so that you can base your business decisions on actual data.

Solid foundations

Just delivering a project is not enough, we care about its present and future. We want your project to succeed, that’s why we build it with a solid foundation so maintaining it won't be a burden and adding new features will be a joy.

Know-how transfer

We know that, at some point, you’ll have your own development team and we don’t keep any secrets from them. Transferring them our know-how is paramount to guarantee a smooth transition and to keep growing your business.

Continuous integration

With CI the test suite for your project is automatically executed every time a developer pushes new code. This way, we can ensure the project is running smoothly while adding new features. We set up the the test automation for your project from the first day, and make sure it is a key element in the development environment of your team.

Continuous deployment

We always work on small, deliverable features that can be shipped very often. Combining this with continuous integration and deployment automation, the benefits really shine: your team can roll out new features multiple times a day with confidence.

Do you need a hand re-engineering your fast-growing product? Perhaps you want to get a solid MVP out the door as fast as possible?

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