BaRuCo (Barcelona Ruby Conference)

We are organizing a two-day single-track Ruby Conference in Barcelona

As many of you already know, we attended the RuPy almost two weeks ago. We had such a great time there (if you haven't read yet, here is our codegrammers' guide to the RuPy) that it clicked our minds.

What about we organize a Ruby conference in Barcelona!?

  • Fact : Everyone loves Barcelona
  • Fact : There are a lot of Ruby lovers around the world.

Organize a Ruby conference in Barcelona? Challenge accepted!


So, here it goes, Barcelona Ruby Conference 2012! a two-day single-track Ruby conference in Barcelona around September 2012 (preferably on of the two-first weekends).

Update : The website is already on! Baruco 2012 is a reality! Check it out:

If you're not considering attending but you like the idea, make a difference and spread the word!

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