FutureJS - the future happens on May 2014

Written in Events by Txus Bach — March 19, 2014


As you already know, we are the people behind the amazing Barcelona Ruby Conference, with two very successful editions so far (2012 and 2013), and yet one more coming this September.

What started as an exploratory concept -- building a conference -- soon began to be a very serious commitment for us. We never had had so much fun before hanging out with all the people at BaRuCo and building an intellectually challenging, safe, fun space for both attendees and speakers.

But waiting a whole year between BaRuCo editions wasn't fair to the great people we had met nor to us. So we decided to run a second conference every year , this time focused on the front-end and its future.

And so FutureJS was born. A new conference focused on the future of JavaScript on the browser, fresh ideas and what's to come next. And it's happening on the 1st-3rd May this year in Barcelona. As we did with BaRuCo, we took special care in crafting an amazing speakers roster, and introduced a few new ideas as well -- hands-on workshops where you get first hand experience on bleeding-edge topics such as WebGL, HTML5 games, single-page apps, ClojureScript, browser performance... you name it.

We are so excited about this event that we think you will be too. After already selling out the first batch, we just opened our second batch today , as well as student tickets. Go get yours while they're hot! :)

Also, Barcelona in May is GORGEOUS. Gorgeous enough that I'll fly all the way from Berlin. So there's that.

See you all there :)

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