Hack the future in Full Stack Fest 2016

Problems of today, ideas from the future. September 5-9 2016 on Barcelona.

If you've been asking yourself if there'll be a 2016 edition of Full Stack Fest, here's our answer: a huge YES in glorious neon capital letters! Join us and together we'll hack the future!

We're proud to announce Full Stack Fest 2016!

This time though, we're putting the languages aside to put a strong focus on the technologies behind them and the problems they're trying to solve. So Full Stack Fest is going... well, truly Full Stack.

At its core, the conference retains its soul: A single-track , curated , deeply technical event featuring the best speakers and industry leaders worldwide.

Would you like to see anything in particular on stage?

Do you know someone who should be speaking at the event or a particular topic we should know about? We want to know about it! Use this form to suggest a speaker or topic for the conference. We're looking for inspirational, but deeply insightful talks.

We're going to run a Call for Papers in the months to come, so keep an eye on the mailing list not to miss out!

We're hard at work preparing what we truly believe will be our best conference yet. Speaker confirmations , a call for papers , and ticket release dates are yet to be announced.

Join us and let's hack the future together in sunny Barcelona next September!


If your company wants to attract top notch talent and build a remarkable brand in the community, sponsoring Full Stack Fest is a great opportunity — take a look at our Sponsorship prospectus to know more about the opportunities we offer.

When & Where

Full Stack Fest will take place on the week of September 5-9 of 2016 (Monday to Friday), at the same venue we used for our past conferences, right at the heart of Barcelona: Auditori AXA.

Awesome enough?

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for updates on Full Stack Fest -- there we will announce when our tickets go on sale and when our CFPs open! We're really open to feedback so don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

What about this hacking the future thing?

You'll have to keep an eye on the mailing list to figure that out...

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