Lunch talks #6: Leveling our Elixir up

This week's videos, handpicked by yours truly, are focused around the Elixir ecosystem. On week 3 we got Josep Jaume's "Elixir, the good parts", so my selection is a follow-up from his work.

At Codegram we want to give Elixir a serious chance on projects, and to do this we need to step up our game. Coming from a Ruby world, the concurrency Elixir gives strikes me as surprising and hard to come by, so the videos I've selected revolve around that. Also, I wanted to find a talk that explained how to get your team ready for Elixir in production, and I found one!

I've selected two talks for this week. They are long so we might need to watch them in multiple days, and I hope they'll be enough for the whole week. In case we need more videos we can use some of the bonus ones at the end of this post.

"Consistent, distributed Elixir", by Chris Keathley (40min)
In this talk Chris guides us through Elixir processes and how to write consistent and, uh, well, distributed Elixir. Rhythm is great and there's a lot of ideas here!

"Elixir Adoption at Scale: A Comprehensive Guide" by Ben Marx (37min)
Ben gives some insights on how to monitor your app processes, how to enforce consistent code through linters and how to monitor your production app so that your team is ready for a production environment.

Bonus talks
I found some other nice talks along the way:

  • "Transforming programming", by Dave Thomas. Dave wrote Programming in Ruby and Programming in Elixir, and also has the Elixir for Programmers course (all three resources are really recommended!), and in this talk he talks about how to change your mindset to write Elixir code when coming from the Ruby world. He focuses in how elixir's pattern matching allows for really nice and clean code. It's a perfect fit for us but it was too long for our week videos, so we might only watch half of it.
  • "Elixir by the Bellyful", by Bryan Hunter, is an information-packed and low level talk about how processes work on Elixir. It's really interesting, and it's a nice bonus to the "Consistent, distributed Elixir" talk.
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