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My journey into GraphQL (part 2) - Getting started with Prisma

Start developing with Prisma and make writing your GraphQL server super easy.

Anna Collins, 9 min read
My journey into GraphQL (part 1) - GraphQL 101

A quick glimpse into the GraphQL world and how you can take control of your data

Anna Collins, 6 min read
Nuxt + TypeScript + Apollo: a bumpy road

Learn how to properly configure your Nuxt application to work with TypeScript and Apollo!

Núria Soriano, 12 min read
Organize your GraphQL files in a Phoenix project

Learn how How to structure a GraphQL schema in a Phoenix project.

Arnau Besora, 6 min read
Powering up static sites with Gridsome taxonomies

JAMStack is not limited to simple sites and blogs. Learn how to get the most of it with Grid...

Núria Soriano, 8 min read
Adopting the JAMStack: Building CMS-backed static websites with Vue or React

Josep Jaume, 8 min read
Ruby & AWS Lambda, 💖 BFF 💖

AWS Lambda has now support for Ruby, let's build a GraphQL API with it!

Oriol Gual, 3 min read
​Lunch Talks #1: Real-time GraphQL

At Codegram we love continuous training so every day after lunch we watch a video from many ...

David Morcillo, 2 min read