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Phoenix: Integration tests at GitHub actions

Tutorial to create integration tests and add them to GitHub Actions

Arnau Besora, 6 min read
Talk Club Sessions: #2 Phoenix LiveView

In this new Talk Club session we talk about Phoenix LiveView and what use cases we can solve...

Marc Riera, 2 min read
Organize your GraphQL files in a Phoenix project

Learn how How to structure a GraphQL schema in a Phoenix project.

Arnau Besora, 6 min read
Using components in Phoenix templates

Exploring different alternatives to use components on Phoenix templates.

Marc Riera, 3 min read
Diving into Elixir and Phoenix

As part of the 2018 Codegram's Retreatâ„¢, I wanted to explore Elixir and Phoenix as an altern...

Marc Riera, 3 min read
Attending ElixirConfEU 2016 in Berlin: What we've learned

Josep Jaume, 5 min read