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A GitHub Actions workflow to deploy to Google Cloud using the Serverless Framework

How to set up continuous deployment while keeping your Google Cloud credentials secure

Núria Soriano, 4 min read
Serverless for front-end developers

Front-end developers can do a lot of magic on the web nowadays, but sometimes there is still...

Núria Soriano, 9 min read
Building a Ruby Serverless CI & CD pipeline

Automation is the key to success when managing infrastructure and deployment processes. Lear...

Oriol Gual, 5 min read
Ruby & AWS Lambda, 💖 BFF 💖

AWS Lambda has now support for Ruby, let's build a GraphQL API with it!

Oriol Gual, 3 min read
Building a s​erverless newsletter parser

NewsHub, a serverless newsletter parser that extracts all the links and publishes them to ot...

Oriol Gual, 3 min read