The codegrammers' guide to the RuPy

Written in Events by Josep Jaume — October 19, 2011

We went to RuPy conference in Poland (named after Ruby and Python) and we had so many lulz we just had to share it.

As you might know, the whole Codegram team have been in Poland for the last week to attend RuPy, a conference aimed to join Ruby and Python communities in a single place. For us, it was also a team building experience where we could get to know each other, think about the direction of our company, ways to improve our workflow and getting some feedback from people there.

So here are our thoughts about our time there:

It’s all about people

Some might think a programming conference can be a boring, formal, cold thing — the fact is that it isn’t at all. Dev people can be very communicative and have a lot of things to say. You can easily take a seat somewhere and just start chatting with anyone — there’s a good chance you will end up learning something.

This time though, organizers were the ones to earn the gold medal. They are caring, warm, commited people who definitely made our stay there a great experience. Thanks Khristian, Kamil, Zaiste, and every single one on the team. We will miss you!

Khristian was kind enough to take us all for a walk on Thursday morning

About the talks themselves

RuPy featured some good names: José Valim , Xavier Noria , Yehuda Katz , Obie Fernandez , and some surprises like Fred George , who gave an inspiring talk. We loved all their talks, although some attendants complained that they weren’t “technical enough”. Come on people, there’s so many other things to learn from these guys!

Regarding the Travis talk by Sven Fuchs and Josh Kalderimis , we found it really surprising too. There’s a lot of heavy work behind the scenes! Good job, guys.

Also, we hoped that we could learn some Python, but we barely scratched the skin of the beast when we attended David Beasley ’s talk — a very interesting one.

Programming, Motherfucker!

We brought a little surprise with us: a ton of programming motherfucker t-shirts. The deal was that anyone who commited anything to any Open Source project during the days of the conference and tweeted about it gets a free tee. And, oh my, it was a success! People went crazy about it.

Our moment of glory

Here’s the summary of all the things that people contributed during the conf (if we missed someone, please let us know):

Those are the motherfucking commiters

We assumed that speakers were already doing a contribution so they got a free shirt too!

So what’s next?

We know it’s early but we’d really want to hear what are the organizers’ ideas for the next RuPy edition. Here’s our thoughts: more Ruby vs. Python stuff, some more hacking time, but keeping the spirit.

Thanks all and see you in the next conf!

Behind the scenes

We posted some photos on Flickr, go check them!

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