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We live in different countries, many of us with their own families —that's why we care about real productivity, not presence. By focusing on great communication and empowering team members rather than location, we have access to worldwide, diverse talent that can grow together.

The quality and output of a good team cannot be matched. We believe that a productive, creative team is not possible without a diverse set of skills, backgrounds, and life experiences. We hire people for what they can bring to the team, not for their résumé.

We believe in enabling people to grow together, and that the best way to do it is by trusting them and giving them the tools and the support. That's why we allocate time and budget for courses, books, and conferences so that people can go deeper in their chosen specialty, or widen their current skillset.

Working at Codegram


Get things done from wherever you feel most comfortable.

Flexible hours

Adjust your plan to your personal needs to work efficiently.

Work-life balance

Work 35 hours per week, enjoy the rest living life.

Growth budget

Anything you want to learn will be available to you. Just choose!

Leader's support

Ask for help, give and get feedback, set up goals and develop your skills.

Career path

A professional development plan, promotions and rises.


Start your adventure with guidance and support of an onboarding buddy.

Knowledge sharing

Internal talks, regular team meetings and rich knowledge base.

Retreats and dinners

Have fun with your co-workers eating, playing sports and other cool activities.

Hack weeks

A week to step away from job to pursue our ideas no matter how crazy they are.


A Mac and additional accessories. We like to work with the best equipment.

Sunny downtown

If you rather work from our headquarters there's no problem. You're more than welcome!

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