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Txus Bach

Loves data and code, in that order. And Deep Learning of course.

Finding similar documents with transformers

Finding signal in noise is hard, sometimes even for computers. Thankfully, transformers (a s...

Txus Bach, 5 min read
Getting started with Deep Learning

Deep Learning can be overwhelming, both for beginners and experienced developers alike. This...

Txus Bach, 5 min read
Becoming a logician with TypeScript

Logic and computation are two sides of the same coin. But how does our everyday TypeScript c...

Txus Bach, 5 min read
Infrastructure as code with Pulumi

Declarative DSLs are better than nothing, but code is a much more powerful way to approach i...

Txus Bach, 6 min read
Your business as an observable system

Txus Bach, 6 min read
Full Stack Fest is back, stronger than ever!

We’re pleased to announce a few tweaks we made that will hopefully contribute to an even mor...

Txus Bach, 2 min read
Building a content-based recommender system in Clojure

Txus Bach, 8 min read
Cleaner, safer Ruby API clients with Kleisli

Txus Bach, 7 min read
Baruco meets FutureJS: Announcing Full Stack Fest 2015!

Txus Bach, 2 min read