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Peeking into Elixir - Part 1

Understanding the basics of Elixir

Anagha VL, 5 min read
ElixirConf US 2020

Some impressions on this year's ElixirConf US.

Armand Adroher, 13 min read
Crawling websites with elixir and crawly

Quick introduction of how we can use the library crawly to extract data from websites.

Edgar Latorre, 3 min read
asdf: a version manager to rule them all

We keep using more and more programming languages, and we need to control their versions. En...

Marc Riera, 3 min read
Talk Club Sessions: #2 Phoenix LiveView

In this new Talk Club session we talk about Phoenix LiveView and what use cases we can solve...

Marc Riera, 2 min read
Lunch talks #6: Leveling our Elixir up

At Codegram we want to give Elixir a serious chance on projects, and to do this we need to s...

Marc Riera, 2 min read
Lunch Talks #3: Elixir, the good parts

Josep Jaume, 3 min read
Diving into Elixir and Phoenix

As part of the 2018 Codegram's Retreatâ„¢, I wanted to explore Elixir and Phoenix as an altern...

Marc Riera, 3 min read
Attending ElixirConfEU 2016 in Berlin: What we've learned

Josep Jaume, 5 min read