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​Kill the back-end: Bring user-generated content to Jamstack with GitHub Actions

We love static sites, but there's only so much you can do without a server or database… unti...

Núria Soriano, 7 min read
Nuxt + TypeScript + Apollo: a bumpy road

Learn how to properly configure your Nuxt application to work with TypeScript and Apollo!

Núria Soriano, 12 min read
Powering up static sites with Gridsome taxonomies

JAMStack is not limited to simple sites and blogs. Learn how to get the most of it with Grid...

Núria Soriano, 8 min read
Raiders of the Lost Accessibility

Running audits on our site was the beginning to rediscover how much accessibility matters.

Aitor Porro, 4 min read
Improving a Gridsome website performance

How we quickly bumped Codegram's site performance with just a few easy changes

Núria Soriano, 4 min read
Create a reusable button with Vue Dynamic Components

In the good old days, we used to style things using classes. We'd have a .button class that ...

Núria Soriano, 4 min read
Adopting the JAMStack: Building CMS-backed static websites with Vue or React

Josep Jaume, 8 min read
Machine Learning loves dogs

Everyone agrees Machine Learning is a hot topic, but I couldn't find any use case to apply i...

David Morcillo, 2 min read
From Vue to Angular

Núria Soriano, 5 min read
​Lunch Talks #2: Vue.js

Lunch talks about how can Vue.js turn you into a happy developer

Núria Soriano, 2 min read