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Our work speaks for us

When we build a product, scale a successful business or organize a conference, we do it with unmatched passion. From online stores to startup design products, and even heavy online games, we've helped our clients solve a broad spectrum of problems, and we've left them better equipped to continue to grow them. But don't take our word for it -- check out some of our success stories below.

Recent projects

Decidim Barcelona

decidim.barcelona is an innovative citizen participation tool build for Barcelona's City Council, currently focused in shaping the future of the city for the next 4 years. It is also the first ".barcelona" domain out there.

Full stack fest
Full Stack Fest

Being the natural evolution of our two previous conferences, Full Stack Fest is a joined effort between Barcelona Ruby Conference and FutureJS. While keeping them separate experience, it packs an enormous learnng opportunity to the full stack developer.


Empresaula is a business simulation network where students from different schools can interact, send emails, make purchases, bank transfers and more. It provides a realistic, engaging experience for both teachers and students.

Golden Manager

Lead by the famous Barça player Gerard Piqué, Golden Manager has grown to be one of the most-known football manager games of the moment. We trained their team and provided in-house assistance leading the technical decisions and architecture to help them scale from thousands to millions of players.

Barcelona Ruby Conference

What started as a fun side-project grew to be one of world's leading conferences about the Ruby Language. It's already been 3 successful editions since 2012 where we brought Ruby's leading experts and its creator, Yukihiro Matsumoto itself.

Future js

FutureJS is Baruco's brother conference: Focused on JavaScript and the future of the language, this conference bring surprising topics on the stage as React.js' inner workings, multi-device incerfaces and much more.

We Pass

We Pass is a mobile ticketing system that creates engagement and builds loyalty with customers. Sport promoters can communicate easily with their customers to offer promotions based on their ticket purchase, send alerts, additional services and more. We worked on a concise, semantic API for their mobile application and provided help and guidance during the development of the project.


Wunderlist is an app for cloud-based task and project management. It allows users to manage their tasks from a smartphone, tablet and computer. We worked side-by-side with their development team in Berlin to build new features and prepare their product to scale up to millions of users.


Dashmote's motto is We bundle the web. We worked remotely with their team and developed the backend for their multi-provider image search and helped them adopt a test-driven development approach, implemented a continuous deployment flow, and help them level up their team in the process.


Sento, a product by Sisu labs, provides cutting-edge big data processing and sentiment analysis for Twitter. Having a rails-based backend in need of some gardening, we trained their team through a series of refactoring and helped them bring their infrastructure to Heroku, implementing a continuous deployment workflow in the process.


If you can dream it, we can build it. Tell us about your project, we’re looking forward to work with you!

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