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Georgina Cruells

Is known for bringing the best food for lunch.

"High tech, high touch": A communication toolkit for virtual team

Having everything written down is essential when working remotely, especially if the team is...

Georgina Cruells, 4 min read
​Keeping the distributed team connected: writing a weekly digital bulletin

A weekly newsletter offers an opportunity to nurture relationships among and between the com...

Georgina Cruells, 3 min read
Remote work interview

Today I'd like to share with you an interview with Txus, one of the Codegram co-founders, wh...

Georgina Cruells, 3 min read
​Codegram is also a dog friendly company!

Pets are being more and more welcomed into workplaces of various companies, and that's not o...

Georgina Cruells, 2 min read
Our Company Retreat: Things We Learned During Codegram's 2019 Retreat 🏕

Georgina Cruells, 6 min read
Unexpected programming Boost: from Humanities to GitHub

Georgina Cruells, 2 min read