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Peeking into Elixir - Part 1

Understanding the basics of Elixir

Anagha VL, 5 min read
Routing in Rails

Brief introduction to Rails Routing

Anagha VL, 2 min read
Git is your friend

Or why Git is so good and you should use it

Elena Maroto, 5 min read
My journey into GraphQL (part 2) - Getting started with Prisma

Start developing with Prisma and make writing your GraphQL server super easy.

Anna Collins, 9 min read
DevOps for Juniors... by a Junior

Are you a Junior Dev? DevOps sounds chinese to you? This is a good place to start!

Elena Maroto, 3 min read
My journey into GraphQL (part 1) - GraphQL 101

A quick glimpse into the GraphQL world and how you can take control of your data

Anna Collins, 6 min read
Getting started with Deep Learning

Deep Learning can be overwhelming, both for beginners and experienced developers alike. This...

Txus Bach, 5 min read
Diving into Elixir and Phoenix

As part of the 2018 Codegram's Retreatâ„¢, I wanted to explore Elixir and Phoenix as an altern...

Marc Riera, 3 min read
Unexpected programming Boost: from Humanities to GitHub

Georgina Cruells, 2 min read