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Routing in Rails

Brief introduction to Rails Routing

Anagha VL, 2 min read
From Java to Ruby

A quick dive into Ruby on Rails

Anagha VL, 2 min read
asdf: a version manager to rule them all

We keep using more and more programming languages, and we need to control their versions. En...

Marc Riera, 3 min read
How to save elephants by improving your code

The story of me refactoring an API endpoint and make it more performant.

Marc Riera, 5 min read
Building a Ruby Serverless CI & CD pipeline

Automation is the key to success when managing infrastructure and deployment processes. Lear...

Oriol Gual, 5 min read
Rake ignores eager loading Rails config

I recently hit an unexpected behavior: Rake was not eager-loading classes, even though my Ra...

Marc Riera, 3 min read
Ruby & AWS Lambda, 💖 BFF 💖

AWS Lambda has now support for Ruby, let's build a GraphQL API with it!

Oriol Gual, 3 min read
Building Decidim, an open-source participatory democracy platform

Marc Riera, 3 min read
Cleaner, safer Ruby API clients with Kleisli

Txus Bach, 7 min read
New gem released: Futuroscope!

Josep Jaume, 3 min read
ElasticSearch with Ruby

Oriol Gual, 1 min read
Linting the hell out of your Ruby classes with Pelusa

Txus Bach, 3 min read
DataMapper, an alternative to ActiveRecord

Marc Riera, 8 min read
BaRuCo (Barcelona Ruby Conference)

Oriol Gual, 1 min read
How to achieve more clean, encapsulated, modular step definitions with Spinach

Josep Jaume, 4 min read
Celebrate #rbxday with us at Codegram!

Txus Bach, 2 min read
Rack-webconsole, a Ruby/Rails console inside your browser

Txus Bach, 3 min read
Understanding class instance variables in Ruby

Txus Bach, 5 min read
Benchmarking ActsAsList vs RankedModel vs Resort

Oriol Gual, 2 min read
An awesome Ruby and Rails feed bundle for Google Reader

Josep Jaume, 1 min read
A productive development environment

Marc Riera, 3 min read
Acceptance tests with Cucumber, Devise, Omniauth and Twitter

Oriol Gual, 4 min read